I love Pocky!

I’m so excited because I found Pocky here! I haven’t been able to find Pocky anywhere in Orlando. The little act of finding this fun Japanese snack brightened my day. Last October I went to Tokyo to visit my best friend Hilary and that’s when I first had Pocky. I was addicted right away. They are small thin cookie sticks dipped in chocolate. Apparently this is the standard Pocky. I found out that there are a lof of Pocky flavors: strawberry, banana, bitter chocolate, coconut. There’s even Men’s Pocky.

One thought on “I love Pocky!”

  1. I got addicted to Pocky on my through Tokyo’s Narita airport on my trips back and forth from Korea to the US. It is tasty, not too filling or bad for you, and inexpensive. The perfect desert!

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