Me and TV

It’s been awhile since I’ve really blogged. The usually means I’m way too busy or feeling really physically fatigued. Well, lately it’s been both. As much as I like to blog I’m afraid blogging takes a back seat when life gets busy/hard/overwhelming.

So, what have I been up too. Working hard on a project with a deadline. This last week my health has taken a turn for the worse. I’ve been sleeping tons again and napping during the day. My body aches have returned like I haven’t felt in a couple of years. I’ve been resting a lot. And I haven’t been feeling particularly creative. I need to be around more creative people to be inspired. I’m trying to find a creative outlet for me since all I do lately is work, sleep, and eat.

My mom and her husband are coming to town this weekend, because of business but they come for a few extra days to hang out usually. This is my life.

TV Recap:

1) Grease: You’re the One that I want! – I admit that I really like this reality show! Why? Because I love musicals and broadway and it’s fun seeing the guys and gals since and dance. I’m so impressed with people who can sing and dance well, at the same time! It’s not that I’m crazy about Grease, but it does remind me of the hundreds of times my younger sister would watch the movie! She has all the songs memorized…still!

2) Beauty & the Geek – it just finished and I’m glad that Jenny and what’s his name are still interested in each other.

3) Amazing Race – only week 2 this week but still my favorite show. Go beauty queens!

4) Grey’s Anatomy – doesn’t everyone love this show? And if not, why?

5) Dirty Jobs – Rob found this show on Discovery Channel. It’s about this man who finds the dirties jobs possible and does them with the regular people who normally work that job. It’s really cool and funny at the same time.

6) The Office – Jim’s going to get his butt kicked my Pam’s ex.


#8) Ugly Betty – even though it’s last on my list it’s one that I can’t miss and have to watch online because we’re recording other shows at the same time. America Ferrera is a great actress.

Shows I’m getting tired of:
The Apprentice
Survivor Fiji
American Idol – but I haven’t really watched this in years anyway.

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  1. I saw one episode of Dirty Jobs while I was visiting my folks. The job du jour… scraping up roadkill. It was disgusting, and yet somehow strangely fascinating.

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