Today’s Dog – Newfoundland

Hershey BearOn my google home page I have a “Daily Puppy” section. Today Hershey Bear the Newfoundland showed up. Could he be any cuter? I don’t think so.

I love these dogs. They grow up to be huge cuddly teddy bear looking dogs and they are so gentle. They love the water and snow. And they’re used for water rescues. If I lived up North, way up north, I’d want a Newfoundland. I’ve never seen a brown one before, just the black ones.

Rob and I just got home from seeing “Music and Lyrics”, because I love Hugh Grant. He cracks me up. The movie wasn’t his best but it was still good. Not enough British humor in it for me this time. But he’s still funny.

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  1. One of my brother’s friends had one of these dogs. Very cute, but very BIG!!! He ended up having to get rid of him after a couple of years because he tore up his house. Not that a dog that big should probably be in a house anyway.

  2. Hershey Bear is precious! Just to clarify —-
    Newfoundlands are NOT outside dogs. They only want to be outside when their owner is outside. Most reputable breeders will not even sell you a Newfie if you intend to keep it outdoors. These dogs are very attached to their owners (We call them Velcro dogs)and sometimes will even cross the room to plop down closer to you. And they do plop. You can hear the thump. They also like doorways (aka fur bearing speed bump)where they can keep an eye on you, and they don’t have to worry about your “escaping” their oversight. Yes they are large, but that just means that you start training these adorable creatures when they are young. Tearing up the house is not a concern with a well trained Newfie. Don’t get me wrong about outdoors. They love the outside, love to swim and love the snow, but love it only when you are outside too. Black is most common, but there are brown ones, black and white ones (Landseer), and even gray Newfies.

  3. We have a rescue Newfie that is six years old. The girl that runs the rescue does it from her home. She mainly rescues Newfies, Saints, and Great Pyrs. She has at least 12 dogs of her own and are ALL IN THE HOUSE. And her house isn’t that big. Clean and no doggy smell. She works all week. Counting rescues she can have as many as 28 dogs at one time. Most are integrated into the home at some point. Can’t imagine feeding time!!!
    The Newfies are a little spirited as puppies, but soon outgrow this and become fairly docile. These are NOT OUTSIDE DOGS!!!!! They love the water, if gotten used to it but mainly just like to be out with their owners. In fact NO DOG SHOULD EVER BE LEFT OUTSIDE!!! What’s the point in having a dog if it is tied outside all the time and is never socialized or given any type of affection. Dogs, if bred and raised correctly, only want to please and ask nothing in return. They will be your friend, a listener when you are down, happy when you have success. If only people could be as caring!!!!!

  4. Valerie,

    Amen to all your comments – couldn’t have said it better. Had to laugh when you said about them laying in doorways. Fostered one about a month ago and with two of them here, was always stepping over one of them or both.
    Mine likes to carry his leash around in his mouth. When he goes for a walk, he gets that leash and walks down the street with his head held high, chest out and leash in mouth. What a sight!! He does love the snow. One night he was laying outside and came back in all white. Keep his belly shaved and he loves laying out where it is cold. But at night you find him at the bottom of the bed (on the floor of course). He also carries dog dishes that are loose around in his mouth. I keep his elevated because of size. Have heard both pros and cons about this.
    Is your Newfie a brown? Mine is black and the girl I rescued him from just got a brown one into her rescue. Am going to go see him. My boy’s name is Justice and he is the sweetest thing.

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