Dinner & TV

Just got home and started watching the Oscars. We went out to dinner with my mom and her husband. Great restaurant, The Columbia.

We watched the Amazing Race real quick, it was recorded.

  • loved that everyone is so preoccupied with Rob and Amber
  • LOVE that they came if 1st place again
  • can’t stand Charla and Mirna – way too much drama, why the drama? and what was up with the beauty is on the inside speech about the beauty queens? The beauty queens have way more inner beauty that Shmirna!
  • probably a good then the two bald guys came in last because of the one guy in so much pain

Watching the Academy Awards now. But they go so long I think I’ll probably go to bed early.

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  1. How about that!? Cathy and I were there with Harvey, Carol and Marcus the night before celebrating my birthday and Harvey’s. Good food!

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