Chiang Mai…

Was great! Karin, Rob and I spent 3 days in Chiang Mai. It was our little vacation time and after being in huge city Bangkok it was nice to be in a smaller less crowded and more laid back city.

What did we do in Chiang Mai?
~ Did a whole day elephant tour and bamboo raft tour and I bought elephant dung paper!
~ Took half a day to visit different factories and stores; saw how silk is made starting with the silk worm (yuk) to making the fabric.
~ Saw how steel rings are made.
~ Went to the Sa Paper factory.
~ Played in the pool
~ Had super inexpensive massages (about $12 for a 1 hour massage)
~ Ate great Thai food, especially Phad Thai!
~ Shopped at the night market which was just outside our hotel
~ Rode Tuk-Tuk’s because they are fun!

Observations about Chiang Mai and Thailand:

  • April is the hottest month of the year in Thailand
  • the hottest day in Chiang Mai was while we were there and it was 112 degrees! Yes, you read that right – 112!
  • food and lodging is super inexpensive compared to Bangkok
  • I saw a lot of westerners
  • massages are very inexpensive
  • the Night Market vendors were more aggressive and charged more than in Bangkok
  • it’s a beautiful city
  • Thai’s are super friendly and are always smiling
  • everything is very colorful
  • I ate Mango and Sticky Rice every night which is probably why I gained weight (mango’s are in season April and May and is the only time when Mango and sticky rice is made

One thought on “Chiang Mai…”

  1. The vivid picture I now have of silk being made is making me think twice about wearing it! So, does that mean when I wear my silk shirt, I am essentially wearing smooshed up worms! Yuck!
    Also, I am very jealous over the inexpensive massages!!! I am in need of one greatly!

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