Jet lag is like…

walking around in a daze all day long carrying an extra 200 pounds
not having your monthly dose of coffee (in 1 day)
being in a slow motion nightmare
having the flu
having your brain temporarily turned off
taking part in a sleep deprived experiment

3 thoughts on “Jet lag is like…”

  1. I agree! I hate jet lag. Especially when you’re trying to stay up till a reasonable hour (like 9pm) and it feels like 4am. Or when you wake up completely wide awake at 3am. I hope you get over it soon.

  2. So so sorry about the jet lag. It is awful! (And the furthest I’ve ever been is Oregon! lol!) One more item that jet lag is like: the first month/trimester of pregnancy…I’ve never been so tired in my whole life!

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