Ethiopian Cuisine

Ethiopian plateWhile we were still in Fort Collins, CO, Rob, me and a friend from Trinidad went out to eat at an authentic Ethiopian restaurant. Some friends had told us about it and that the mother makes all the food and the daughter works at the restaurant as well. I’ve been wanting to try Ethiopian food for a few years but there’s no place around Orlando that I know off.

Anyway, it was ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL!! But you all know that I love food, especially new cuisines and gourmet food. This was an experience. We ordered (don’t know the specific names) a tray of butternut squash, lamb and chicken all cooked in different Ethiopian ways with different spices. The big tray came out and we were given a type of bread (I feel stupid for not remembering the names) to eat with. No utensils or anything. You just pick up the food with the bread!

For a better taste you can take the bread that under the food and use that, since it’s already soaked up all the flavor. It was great! Our Trini friend wasn’t so sure of it to begin with but she ended up liking the food.

Okay, here’s a better description of what we ate from Wikipedia:

The best known Ethiopian cuisine consists of various vegetable or meat side dishes and entrees, usually a wat, or thick stew, served atop injera, a large sourdough flatbread. One does not eat with utensils, but instead uses injera to scoop up the entrees and side dishes. Traditional Ethiopian cuisine employs no pork or shellfish of any kind, as it is forbidden in the Islamic, Jewish, and Ethiopian Orthodox Christian faiths. It is also very common to eat from the same big dish in the center of the table with a group of people.

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  1. Did I ever tell you that my family does “Ethiopian Easter?” We all love Ethiopian so much and couldn’t find a good time to have a traditional feast. So a couple years ago we decided as a family that Easter was going to include our annual Ethiopian meal. LOVE IT!!! Yes, we have recipes. My mom has an Ethiopian recipe book that we use. I’ll make photocopies of my favorites.

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