Odd Foods

I was thinking last night about the different kinds of foods I’ve eaten that aren’t everyday foods. I have no idea why I started thinking about that. But here’s a list of “different foods” I’ve eaten.

These are givens: beef, port, chicken, turkey, fish (in general).
Odd meats or foods:

  • alligator
  • crocodile
  • camel
  • ostrich
  • escargot
  • lamb (ok not so weird, but oh so good)
  • rabbit
  • kangaroo
  • baked frog legs (tried a piece,not so good)
  • goat (didn’t realize it at the time)
  • Haggis
  • null The traditional Haggis dish is usually served with mashed rutabaga and mashed potatoes. Despite what it’s made from it’s actually very good.

    Can anyone add any other odd foods?

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