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We’re back in Simpsonville, SC, Rob’s hometown. We took a very cheap, Allegiant Air, flight from Orlando to Greenville. It was a 1 hour flight. It was so cheap that if we wanted water we had to pay for it. But then again, the airfare was super cheap so…WHO CARES!!

Last night my nieces and sister-in-law came over to Rob’s parents house. I made dinner. Afterwards the 4 adults sat exhausted on the sofa’s while the 3 girls ran around as if they’d just had a mug of caffeine! Seriously, how do they do it.

nullAs for Sunday night we, of course, watched The Amazing Race. And I think this is the first year that the team I wanted gone, Ari and Staella, actually came in last! Oh, they were awful. I’m glad they’re gone. I felt bad for that donkey they were trying to move. I kinda like the Goth’s at the moment.

In other TV show news – I watch too many of them.

Internet news – I can’t user Firefox anymore. I don’t know why but I tried adding a plug-in or add-on and it destroyed the browser. I un-installed it and reinstalled it hoping it would work, but no. So, now I’m using Camino. If anyone knows how to fix my Firefox problem, please help!

BTW – the weather up here is BEAUTIFUL!!! We get to experience Fall this year. What a treat!

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  1. The Goth people? Really? Very interesting, Patricia.

    I didn’t find anyone that was my favorite yet. I could definitely pick a few that I would love to see eliminated soon.

    Glad you all are enjoying fall there. I bet the leaves are beautiful!!!

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