I Stay

According to Rob’s mom, last night my 2 1/2 year old niece, who’s still in a crib, fell asleep with her leg sticking out in-between the bars. Apparently she slept like that all night long until around 6 am when she woke up screaming because she was stuck. And her little leg was swollen and wouldn’t come out.

My sister-in-law ended up calling 9-1-1, (her husband is out of town). They were able to vaseline up her leg and pull the bars apart enough for her to get her leg out. She was still able to go to school that morning and was running and jumping.

After school ended at noon she didn’t want to stay and play until her grandmother told her it was pizza day.

Her reply, “Okay, I stay.”

One thought on “I Stay”

  1. Oh my goodness. Poor thing! I can’t believe it was stuck that bad and had to have the paramedics get it out! WOW! And to think, she slept that way!

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