what I did for Christmas by ME

Rob and I stayed home for Christmas this year. It’s the first time since moving here that we’ve stayed in Orlando.

My cousin Maria from Texas came to be with us for Christmas.
Me and Maria

We opened presents on Christmas morning.
Christmas morning 2007

We had a Puerto Rican/American Christmas meal. I made Pernil (Puerto Rican traditional pork Christmas dish), sweet potato casserole, green beans, good wine, rolls.
Christmas Dinner

We stayed busy in a relaxing way. We went to Downtown Disney and then to the Grand Floridian which is beautifully decorated as always during Christmas.
Grand floridian lobby

Maria made some really great Coquito!
I tell people that Coquito is a Puerto Rican eggnog. However, I must say that Coquito is much better than any eggnog ever! In fact, I’ve gotten quite a few American’s hooked onto Coquito. It’s typically a Christmas drink so they have to wait until the holidays to get it, from me at least.

In the evenings we watched Season 1 of the TV show “24”.

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  1. Patricia, I had a wonderful time with you and Rob!. Honestly it’s right up there with one of the most memorable Christmas’ Ive had in a long time. The food, the relaxation, the trip to The Floridian, tv (24), oh did i mention the relaxation???

    PS. I did get the “copitas” in the mail. Thanks.

    Love ya bunches. PSS Alaska huh? wow!!!

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