Super Bowl from this females view point

I’m sitting here watching the Super Bowl at our friends house. And I’m actually watching it. I’ve thought hard about who I want to win the game – the New York Giants. The score right now is 3-7 Patriots.

I’ve actually talked over this with my husband. He’s pulling for the Patriots. We’ve been talking about it a for a week.

So here are my reasons for wanting the Giants to win:
– I like Eli Manning just because he’s a Manning
– it would be cool if Eli won because then both Manning’s will have won a Super Bowl
– I don’t care for the Giants b/c I don’t really care for Tom Brady. He’s just not as good looking as everyone thinks he is, the main reason I don’t like him. I know he’s a good QB.
– I usually pull for the underdogs
– it would be cool the Giants broke the Patriots perfect record
– no opinion on the uniforms, they’re both pretty blah.

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