Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day

nullI just finished watching this romantic comedy and I enjoyed it. It was in the theaters but not for very long I think. I tend to like most movies I watch. Of course I don’t watch horror movies and not many suspense movies either. And I really enjoy movies that aren’t the big blockbusters.

I can’t remember what the movie is rated but it can’t be more than PG-13. The main character Miss Pettigrew, played by Frances McDormand, is an out of work governess in 1939 London. She takes the opportunity for a job as a Social Secretary to Delysia. And that’s where the story really starts. Miss Pettigrew is out of her social and moral element! She gives out good advice on love and life. The ending was good.

It wasn’t the funnies movie – didn’t keep me laughing the whole time. But I enjoyed the story and I liked the acting. I just have to add great accents by Frances McDorman and Lee Pace.