Happy November

PrincessThis is what my husband said when he saw me this morning.

Last night we got a lot of kids from the neighborhood trick or treating. And while Halloween is not my favorite holiday I do love seeing the kids dressed up. Especially the young ones. This year I saw a lot of Spiderman and Disney Princesses (no surprise). Only 2 Hannah Montana’s.

This years unique costume goes to the female Puerto Rican boxer with a black eye. Wish I had a picture.

Last year Rob made his own pirate costume. This year I made my own princess costume. I already had one of the Disney crowns from when my nieces where here a few weeks ago and we went to a Pincess lunch at Disney. Even though my costume was home made (a bed sheet wrapped around me, scarf wrapped around my waste, play costume jewelry, lots of make-up) the young girls loved it! They said “hello princess” and the younger kids just stared up at my crown!

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