I’m not cold in Orlando, I’m actually very cold here in Fairfax, VA. I wasn’t expecting freezing weather, literally. It was supposed to be in the low 50’s. So I wasn’t prepared when the temperature plunged to freezing on Monday. I’m here until Friday and I layered up – 5 layers! Ok, bit of an exaggeration 3 layers plus a coat when I go outside. Had to borrow sweatshirts and coat from my mom.

So I’m watching my 5 months old nephew while my sister’s on a business trip. It’s the first time she’s left him so while I was here yesterday she repeated my instructions over and over again. Then she called from her connection city. Surprisingly she didn’t call from her final destination. I guess she really does trust me.

And I can honestly say Logan is a great baby! So good natured, laid back, easy to take care of. I’m still really cold though.

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