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Yesterday I bought a dozen large eggs and as I was putting them away I noticed that they’re not all large eggs. They’re all eggs. But some were medium some were large some jumbo and one was even small! So, what’s up with that? I guess they (whoever they are) figure it all evens out to large eggs?

And how do I know they’re not all large? Because I do a lot of baking and cooking. And they are many recipes I’ve made that have to specifically have medium eggs or large eggs. There are tons of recipes where is really doesn’t matter. But because I bake a lot – or used too – I know the difference. It’s not that this really bugs me…just an observation.

Been to Aunt Catfish’s

Okay, so Friday at 6pm Rob tells me he wants to drive an hour up to Daytona to eat catfish at Aunt Catfish’s! I was all over that. It was spontaneous and I didn’t feel like cooking anyway. Plus it was a good reason to get out of the house.

If you haven’t been to Aunt Catfish’s then you need to go. It’s got the best seafood around (more than just catfish). Around Daytona anyway. And it’s not really in Daytona it’s just south in Port Orange. We haven’t been able to find a great seafood restaurant in Orlando in the 9 years we’ve lived here.

We hadn’t been to Aunt Catfish’s in….about 7 years. And yummmm was it good! Of course Rob had the catfish, which I don’t really care for but he grew up eating it. I wasn’t sure what to have until I saw on the menu they had Southern Style Shrimp and Grits. My mouth watered! If you’re going to have Shrimp and Grits then get it in South Carolina which the dish originated. However, I will say that Aunt Catfish’s version was VERY good and I enjoyed every bit of it. Our meal was definitely worth the hour drive up and back.


I’m not cold in Orlando, I’m actually very cold here in Fairfax, VA. I wasn’t expecting freezing weather, literally. It was supposed to be in the low 50’s. So I wasn’t prepared when the temperature plunged to freezing on Monday. I’m here until Friday and I layered up – 5 layers! Ok, bit of an exaggeration 3 layers plus a coat when I go outside. Had to borrow sweatshirts and coat from my mom.

So I’m watching my 5 months old nephew while my sister’s on a business trip. It’s the first time she’s left him so while I was here yesterday she repeated my instructions over and over again. Then she called from her connection city. Surprisingly she didn’t call from her final destination. I guess she really does trust me.

And I can honestly say Logan is a great baby! So good natured, laid back, easy to take care of. I’m still really cold though.


Rob and I celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary on October 26! This past weekend we had the time to go away for a night to celebrate and we went to the Celebration Hotel in the heart of Celebration (the town that Disney built).

The Celebration Hotel was wonderful and beautiful! I’ve been to Celebration many times before but never had I been in the hotel there. I LOVED it! It’s not a huge hotel and the atmosphere is very cozy and personal. The hotel has an old Florida theme which I just loved! The room was decorated in the same old Florida style as well. And I have to say that the staff were extremely friendly.

Around 5pm we were surprised with cheese & crackers and a bottle of wine, which Rob and I thoroughly enjoyed. Love cheese and wine. There was also a wedding reception taking place and we saw the groom having photos taken but never saw the bride. But we enjoyed the music.

There was also a family there that was doing the Disney thing. I can understand now why a family would want to stay in the Celebration Hotel for a week at Disney instead of one of the Disney resorts. Imagine a day full of Disney and then going back to a comfy, cozy hotel instead of the big resorts.

All this to say the Celebration Hotel is wonderful and we had a nice getaway.


Is seems my health is doing well! My last doctor’s visit confirmed I’m doing well. And I have my energy back. In fact, I went to the gym this morning and had no problem doing weights, where as in the past I would have struggled.


Happy November

PrincessThis is what my husband said when he saw me this morning.

Last night we got a lot of kids from the neighborhood trick or treating. And while Halloween is not my favorite holiday I do love seeing the kids dressed up. Especially the young ones. This year I saw a lot of Spiderman and Disney Princesses (no surprise). Only 2 Hannah Montana’s.

This years unique costume goes to the female Puerto Rican boxer with a black eye. Wish I had a picture.

Last year Rob made his own pirate costume. This year I made my own princess costume. I already had one of the Disney crowns from when my nieces where here a few weeks ago and we went to a Pincess lunch at Disney. Even though my costume was home made (a bed sheet wrapped around me, scarf wrapped around my waste, play costume jewelry, lots of make-up) the young girls loved it! They said “hello princess” and the younger kids just stared up at my crown!


The temperature in our house when I woke up this morning. While I’m loving the cold weather I’m also a Floridian. So I finally turned the heat on and set it at 65. Much better.