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The number of years I’ve been married to my wonderful husband. Sure we’ve had our ups and downs but that’s part of being married. I wish had a scanned photo of us on our wedding day 12 years ago! It doesn’t seem like it’s been that long. Maybe I’ll scan one later.

Happy Anniversary to Rob and me!

Best Season

I love the Fall. It’s my favorite season. The weather cools off, the leaves turn colors, we can open the windows in the house. The mornings have a chill in the air which is perfect for a hot cup of coffee It’s perfect.

If only it was this way in Orlando! I still love the Fall, the weather has cooled off to a high of 80 degrees, but the leaves don’t change color, yet. We have opened the windows in the morning and evening but it’s still too hot to keep them open during the day. I did wake up this morning and wanted a hot cup of coffee, despite the lack of a chill in the air. It would have to be a cup of decaf coffee.

Fall in Virginia where I grew up is so different from Fall in Orlando. But I still love the Fall. I love it so much I got married in October and I was born in October. I know I didn’t have anything to do with my birth but it proves that the Fall is the best season of all.

It’s been forever

So Rob’s sister, brother-in-law and our three beautiful red-headed nieces have been in town since Thursday night. Tomorrow we’re going to Disney! And we’ll be hopping. To begin the day we’ll start at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, the around lunch go over to EPCOT for a late lunch in Norway with all the Disney princesses! And after that we’ll end the day at Hollywood Studios. It’s going to be a long, full, fun and tiring day!

I haven’t been writing much b/c I’ve been on Twitter more. Even then I haven’t been posting much of anything online – just too busy. Or spending time outside. But I decided awhile back I’m going to try and start writing again. I’m going to redo my site with a new template that better reflects me.

So…a new look soon!

Meeting my Nephew

Me and Logan
Just about a month ago I went to meet my nephew and spend time helping my sister. Logan was 10 weeks old then and he’s SO cute! I love his big gummy smile! I got to watch him 2 mornings while my sister slowly went back to work.

nullThis photo above was taken in his room. There’s a big tree painted in the corner of the room with blue birds. There are yellow ducks and blue dragon flies all over the room. It’s really cool. Logan can stare at the tree when he’s on his changing table.

In the second photo we went for a walk. Well, I went for a walk and he took a nap! I had a lot of fun meeting playing and watching him. And I got to hang out with both my sisters and their husbands. Click here for more pictures.

Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day

nullI just finished watching this romantic comedy and I enjoyed it. It was in the theaters but not for very long I think. I tend to like most movies I watch. Of course I don’t watch horror movies and not many suspense movies either. And I really enjoy movies that aren’t the big blockbusters.

I can’t remember what the movie is rated but it can’t be more than PG-13. The main character Miss Pettigrew, played by Frances McDormand, is an out of work governess in 1939 London. She takes the opportunity for a job as a Social Secretary to Delysia. And that’s where the story really starts. Miss Pettigrew is out of her social and moral element! She gives out good advice on love and life. The ending was good.

It wasn’t the funnies movie – didn’t keep me laughing the whole time. But I enjoyed the story and I liked the acting. I just have to add great accents by Frances McDorman and Lee Pace.

Dinner & More

A few weeks ago I was inspired by my sister and her husband, while visiting, to start making real meals again. I used to plan out my meals and go to the store once a week, but it’s been a long time. Then we had a wonderful meal at Merrin and Kevin’s and with her delicious cooking and his awesome grilling (thanks guys!) and I was determined to try the meal planning again. I’ve been in a cooking funk for awhile – and I like to cook!

nullSo this week I took the time to sit and plan the meals for the week. It’s been good and I just may be out of my cooking funk, but we’ll have to wait and see how long this lasts! One night this week we had Brandied-Peach Pork Chops courtesy of Epicurious. It probably wasn’t the healthiest meal but it sure was good AND I got to light the Brandy on fire! The husband liked it. I also made wild rice and salad. Trying to get more salad in these days.
On another note I watched “Bringing Up Baby” starring Katherine Hepburn and Cary Grant. This past year I’ve started watching old movies, especially ones with Hepburn. My parent’s didn’t watch them growing up and I’m guessing my grandparents didn’t either. So I’ve been fascinated with Katherine Hepburn’s movies. Ironically this movie tanked when it came out and is now considered to be one of the top 100 funny movies.

Speaking of grandparents I recently found out that my great-grandfather on my mother’s side came to the USA from Ireland! I thought it went further back but no!

Anyway, after having seen some of Hepburn’s movies, where she is more serious, watching her in “Bringing Up Baby” took a little getting used to. She play a ditsy socialite, and she’s o not ditsy! The movie reminded me of current comedy’s where everything goes wrong. Oh, and Baby is a 3 year old Leopard! I have 2 more of her movies on the DVR ready to watch when I have time.
A few nights ago I finished reading “Les Miserables” by Victor Hugo. Now, I’ve seen the musical about 4 times but I didn’t realize it was originally a book until last year! Yeah, I know, it’s a big duh!! Did you know it was a book? I always think books are much better than their movie versions even though I enjoy the movies. I’ve always loved the “Les Mis” musical.

The book was great! LOVED IT! I had an abridged version so apparently all the tangents not critical to the story were taken out. Now the musical makes a lot more sense! As usual after I’ve finished a good book I miss my characters. Usually I want the story to keep going. Like, what happens to Cosette and Marius in their future. I guess in this case it doesn’t matter since the story is about Jean Valjean.

I’m looking for another good fiction. Any suggestions?