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Leaving Alaska

Rob and I are sitting at the Anchorage airport waiting for our flight to start boarding. Can you believe this is the first time I’ve used my own computer? I’m leaving it at home next time I go on vacation.

We had a great week with our friends and their 2 cute little kids. We spent a night in Seward and took at 4 our whale watching tour. Another post with pictures of what we saw.

We had a great time and I’m sad to be leaving. I’m going to miss my friend.

More on Alaska later.

Vacation in Anchorage

Rob and I have been here since midnight Tuesday. So I guess we’ve had just about 2 full days here. We’re visiting college friends from Va Tech who are stationed up here. And as a Floridian for 8 years – I’M REALLY COLD!!! And today was only 50 degrees. Yesterday was a little warmer and the sun was out so it was better. It’s been cloudy all day.

  • It snowed yesterday morning for a little while.
  • The sun comes up around 5:30am and goes down around 11pm.

Today we walked around downtown for a few hours. It was fun. Pictures below.

Rob took this photo. The view from our friends house.
View from House

Me eating a reindeer dog, but not Santa’s reindeer. It was good, especially with caramelized onions.
Eating Reindeer Dogs

The only moose we’ve seen so far.

Walking around downtown with my friend Hilary, her daugther and son.
With Friends