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Vacation in Anchorage

Rob and I have been here since midnight Tuesday. So I guess we’ve had just about 2 full days here. We’re visiting college friends from Va Tech who are stationed up here. And as a Floridian for 8 years – I’M REALLY COLD!!! And today was only 50 degrees. Yesterday was a little warmer and the sun was out so it was better. It’s been cloudy all day.

  • It snowed yesterday morning for a little while.
  • The sun comes up around 5:30am and goes down around 11pm.

Today we walked around downtown for a few hours. It was fun. Pictures below.

Rob took this photo. The view from our friends house.
View from House

Me eating a reindeer dog, but not Santa’s reindeer. It was good, especially with caramelized onions.
Eating Reindeer Dogs

The only moose we’ve seen so far.

Walking around downtown with my friend Hilary, her daugther and son.
With Friends

Today’s Puppy

Todays adorable puppy is brought to you by The Daily Puppy.

This is Rocky the Boxer and he’s super adorably cute! I love dogs so I have The Daily Puppy on my Google home page.

Every day they feature a different puppy. I’m starting to realize that not all puppies are as cute as others. Rocky is so cute I just had to share him with all my readers.

One day I’ll have a dog. When I get him/her I’ll definitely put up pictures. What’s your favorite puppy/dog?

What a view

12 point Elk in the Rockies
We’ve been in Colorado for over a week now for Campus Crusade’s national conference and it’s been fun and exhausting all at the same time. We drove through Rocky Mountain National Park and Rob took this awesome photo.

I just came back from the Chris Tomlin concert and I LOVED it! Hubby stayed home, concerts aren’t his thing. It’s been good being out here this year.

And now I must sleep because it’s late (for me – it’s midnight here in CO) and I have to get up early (for me) at 7 am, and I have a full day tomorrow.

Oh, What a Day…

Well, oh what a yesterday actually! But before I get into that check out todays puppy: Spanky the Pug. Isn’t he the cutest? I know a lot of people think pugs are ugly and they are. But they’re ugly in a cute way, so I think Spanky is a cuty.

So, about yesterday. I had a great Tuesday despite 2 root canals. Wednesday started will until I GOT PULLED OVER FOR SPEEDING!!! Okay, and here’s the thing, I very rarely speed because I know tickets are expensive are so are points on insurance which then makes insurance expensive and we just don’t have that kind of money. Ugh, I couldn’t believe it. The cops had set up a speed trap. I was driving and talking to my friend in the car with me and I TOTALLY wasn’t even paying attention to how fast I was going. UGH!!!

Well, the cop was nice to me because the last ticket I got was over 12 years ago in VA, and he super reduced the fine. And now, to keeps 3 points from getting on my insurance, I have the privilege of taking a driving class. I’m going to do it online.

Friday I’ll be going downtown to pay the fines. Then I’ll go to a store that sells my favorite granola ever since Whole Foods in Winter Park decided not to carry it anymore. And then who knows what I’ll do.

Thursday night’s are my TV night! Usually all my faves are on but Ugly Betty and Grey’s Anatomy have been on a break. But the Office was new. I laugh so hard at that show. And October Road was good. They gotta keep moving the story line because I think I’m starting to get bored.

That’s it for now. Good night.

Today’s Dog – Newfoundland

Hershey BearOn my google home page I have a “Daily Puppy” section. Today Hershey Bear the Newfoundland showed up. Could he be any cuter? I don’t think so.

I love these dogs. They grow up to be huge cuddly teddy bear looking dogs and they are so gentle. They love the water and snow. And they’re used for water rescues. If I lived up North, way up north, I’d want a Newfoundland. I’ve never seen a brown one before, just the black ones.

Rob and I just got home from seeing “Music and Lyrics”, because I love Hugh Grant. He cracks me up. The movie wasn’t his best but it was still good. Not enough British humor in it for me this time. But he’s still funny.

Free Day Before Pamoja Conference

Rob and I at Lake Nakuru National Park. The lake is in the background.

Okay, as you probably already know, Rob and I went to Kenya during the holidays. And I haven’t been blogging about it much because:

1. there’s wasn’t much time to get online when we were over there and
B. since we’ve gotten home I’ve been too tired to blog.

So, know I can write more about it. First let me say, it was NOT a vacation for us. It was a ministry conference that we worked. That’s not to say it wasn’t fun and great! But we didn’t spend a lot of time on safari or at the beach and all that stuff. We had one free day before and one free day after the conference.

So, free day before the conference was spent driving from Nairobi to Nakuru and it took about 3 hours. Two of the hours were smooth and pot hole free. The last hour rivaled any roller coaster I’ve been on! Rob wrote about that part of the road briefly. The view of the Great Rift Valley was amazing!

Once we arrived in Lake Nakuru National Park we had a quick lunch and off on a safari drive. I just want to mention that during lunch, which was great, I found a mosquito in my juice glass! Gross! I have no idea when we flew in. So I took it out with a spoon, thinking it dead, and left the drink alone. Five minutes later I look at the napkin where I put the “dead” fly and he’s alive and cleaning himself, probably taking all the sugar off him. Super gross!

Then we went off on the drive around 3pm. Very fun. Unfortunately lack of time and money prevented us from going to the bigger game reserves where the elephants are. And we didn’t see any big cats. But we did hear the lions that night. And we heard the baboons running along the roof tops of our bungalows. They’re everywhere!

So here’s a list of animals we saw:

  • black rhino’s and white rhino’s
  • giraffes
  • some kind of black monkey with white tails napping in the trees
  • waterbuck’s
  • warthogs
  • zebras
  • hyenas
  • jackals
  • pink flamingos
  • baboons
  • and a bunch of other antelope/deer looking animals who’s name’s I can’t remember.