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I’m not cold in Orlando, I’m actually very cold here in Fairfax, VA. I wasn’t expecting freezing weather, literally. It was supposed to be in the low 50’s. So I wasn’t prepared when the temperature plunged to freezing on Monday. I’m here until Friday and I layered up – 5 layers! Ok, bit of an exaggeration 3 layers plus a coat when I go outside. Had to borrow sweatshirts and coat from my mom.

So I’m watching my 5 months old nephew while my sister’s on a business trip. It’s the first time she’s left him so while I was here yesterday she repeated my instructions over and over again. Then she called from her connection city. Surprisingly she didn’t call from her final destination. I guess she really does trust me.

And I can honestly say Logan is a great baby! So good natured, laid back, easy to take care of. I’m still really cold though.

Meeting my Nephew

Me and Logan
Just about a month ago I went to meet my nephew and spend time helping my sister. Logan was 10 weeks old then and he’s SO cute! I love his big gummy smile! I got to watch him 2 mornings while my sister slowly went back to work.

nullThis photo above was taken in his room. There’s a big tree painted in the corner of the room with blue birds. There are yellow ducks and blue dragon flies all over the room. It’s really cool. Logan can stare at the tree when he’s on his changing table.

In the second photo we went for a walk. Well, I went for a walk and he took a nap! I had a lot of fun meeting playing and watching him. And I got to hang out with both my sisters and their husbands. Click here for more pictures.

wired up

Rob-sleep-testTake a good look at my poor hubby. He looks like he’s being transformed by the Borg. And if you don’t know what the Borg are – shame on you.

Actually, he had a sleep test done the other night for Sleep Apnea. He had to be at the facility by 8pm and then get hooked up to all the wires and lights out by 10pm. Then they woke him up at 5 am. They woke me up at 5 am. I stayed at the facility with him in a guest room, and I don’t like being woken up that early.

He has a follow up appointment to talk to the doctor but the technician said he probably has mild to moderate sleep apnea. So he didn’t stop breathing, but he never went into dream cycle either. Interesting.

what I did for Christmas by ME

Rob and I stayed home for Christmas this year. It’s the first time since moving here that we’ve stayed in Orlando.

My cousin Maria from Texas came to be with us for Christmas.
Me and Maria

We opened presents on Christmas morning.
Christmas morning 2007

We had a Puerto Rican/American Christmas meal. I made Pernil (Puerto Rican traditional pork Christmas dish), sweet potato casserole, green beans, good wine, rolls.
Christmas Dinner

We stayed busy in a relaxing way. We went to Downtown Disney and then to the Grand Floridian which is beautifully decorated as always during Christmas.
Grand floridian lobby

Maria made some really great Coquito!
I tell people that Coquito is a Puerto Rican eggnog. However, I must say that Coquito is much better than any eggnog ever! In fact, I’ve gotten quite a few American’s hooked onto Coquito. It’s typically a Christmas drink so they have to wait until the holidays to get it, from me at least.

In the evenings we watched Season 1 of the TV show “24”.

2 year old talk

Conversation with my 2 1/2 year old neice. Photo below.

V to Rob:
where your fooder?
Rob: my what?
V: where your fooder
Patricia to V: I don’t know, where’s your fooder.
V: I don’t know.
V to Rob: where your fooder?
Rob: where’s Prisha’s fooder?
V: apple (points to my Mac)

Fooder: a computer, either PC or Mac. Also known as a computer in the adult world.

I Stay

According to Rob’s mom, last night my 2 1/2 year old niece, who’s still in a crib, fell asleep with her leg sticking out in-between the bars. Apparently she slept like that all night long until around 6 am when she woke up screaming because she was stuck. And her little leg was swollen and wouldn’t come out.

My sister-in-law ended up calling 9-1-1, (her husband is out of town). They were able to vaseline up her leg and pull the bars apart enough for her to get her leg out. She was still able to go to school that morning and was running and jumping.

After school ended at noon she didn’t want to stay and play until her grandmother told her it was pizza day.

Her reply, “Okay, I stay.”

SC and other stuff

We’re back in Simpsonville, SC, Rob’s hometown. We took a very cheap, Allegiant Air, flight from Orlando to Greenville. It was a 1 hour flight. It was so cheap that if we wanted water we had to pay for it. But then again, the airfare was super cheap so…WHO CARES!!

Last night my nieces and sister-in-law came over to Rob’s parents house. I made dinner. Afterwards the 4 adults sat exhausted on the sofa’s while the 3 girls ran around as if they’d just had a mug of caffeine! Seriously, how do they do it.

nullAs for Sunday night we, of course, watched The Amazing Race. And I think this is the first year that the team I wanted gone, Ari and Staella, actually came in last! Oh, they were awful. I’m glad they’re gone. I felt bad for that donkey they were trying to move. I kinda like the Goth’s at the moment.

In other TV show news – I watch too many of them.

Internet news – I can’t user Firefox anymore. I don’t know why but I tried adding a plug-in or add-on and it destroyed the browser. I un-installed it and reinstalled it hoping it would work, but no. So, now I’m using Camino. If anyone knows how to fix my Firefox problem, please help!

BTW – the weather up here is BEAUTIFUL!!! We get to experience Fall this year. What a treat!

What Disney Princess Are You?

Which Disney Princess Are You?

You are Jasmine. You are loyal and would visit the ends of the earth for what you believe. You would never let obstacles stand in the way of true love.
Find Your Character @

Having just been to Disney World with Rob’s family for a short vacation I had fun taking this quiz.

My nieces; ages 7, 5, and 2 1/2 had a great time at Epcot and the Magic Kingdom. The oldest 2 were ready to do all the fun rides. But we all definitely had to find the Princess so they could get their autographs and photos with them. We also had 2 meals with characters walking around the restaurant. They were thrilled! I had fun with my nieces at Disney. I also had fund at Disney feeling like a kid again, who gets sore feet faster and starts to walk slower as the day goes on. But a kid none the less.

Girls with Cinderella