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Mango & Sticky Rice

Mangos & Sticky Rice
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This is the best dessert in the world!!! And I am a chocolate lover, but this beats chocolate any day!

It’s a Thai dessert. The mangos are so sweet and the rice is sticky, hence the sticky rice name, and they put a sweet coconut sauce on top of the rice.

I’ve had this for dessert just about every night we’ve been here. And sometimes 2 servings! I’m going to learn how to make this. SO GOOD!!!

Coffee & Dr. Who

Okay, so I guess it’s pretty unanimous that I not reheat my coffee. Just for the record I don’t drink day old coffee, it just takes me awhile to finish a cup. And thanks Erin for the explanation about the bitter taste of coffee after it sits for awhile.

As for the Dr. Who cartoon, I guess I don’t have a lot of sci-fi readers. Dr. Who is a British sci-fi television show that started a long time ago (1963). There is a current Dr. Who series now. Anyway, the chicken cartoon is about the show. The robot is a Dalek and is an enemy of the doctor and all they really say is “exterminate”.

I’ve now shown off my geeky sci-fi side.

Dinner & TV

Just got home and started watching the Oscars. We went out to dinner with my mom and her husband. Great restaurant, The Columbia.

We watched the Amazing Race real quick, it was recorded.

  • loved that everyone is so preoccupied with Rob and Amber
  • LOVE that they came if 1st place again
  • can’t stand Charla and Mirna – way too much drama, why the drama? and what was up with the beauty is on the inside speech about the beauty queens? The beauty queens have way more inner beauty that Shmirna!
  • probably a good then the two bald guys came in last because of the one guy in so much pain

Watching the Academy Awards now. But they go so long I think I’ll probably go to bed early.

Birthday Brunch & NYC

Jane Line upSunday was my birthday as many of you know. I spent the weekend in New York City with my 2 sisters, my mom, and aunt who flew in from Puerto Rico. The weekend was to celebrate my mom’s birthday last month but this was the only weekend we all had free to get together. It just so happened that Sunday was my birthday.

To celebrate my birthday we went to brunch at a wonderful restaurant called Jane Restaurant in Soho. The brunch was amazing! The food was wonderful and the atmosphere was fun.

We had reservations for 11:30 am. I highly recommend this restuarant if you’re in the area. But be warned, if you don’t have reservations, especially on a Sunday, there’s a big wait to get in as you can see in the photo.

My Brunch: Vanilla Bean French Toast – brioche bread, creme brulee batter, and a White Peach Bellini

The trip to NYC was fun. We went to Ground Zero which I hadn’t been to before, then shopped at Century 21 (a discount superstore with designer duds; I got a nice purse from my aunt as my b-day present), and walked through Chinatown. By then it was time for dinner at Osteria al Doge and a show. Because you know I love food so much I’m going to tell you what I had for dinner.

Dinner: Tortelloni Al Salmone – Homemade Tortelloni filled with Atlantic salmon & goat-cheese in a light herb, tomato & cream sauce. Dessert: Tiramisu.

We saw Phantom of the Opera which I had never seen and I really liked it. Afterwards my mom, sister and I walked through Times Square before catching a cab back to our hotel. It was fun.

After brunch on Sunday, because we left so late, it took us 7 hours to drive home to VA. So despite the long drive there and back and the typical sisterly bickering, it was a great weekend. And the best part of all was that Rob flew into DC Sunday afternoon and was waiting for me when I got home at 9:30pm!

The Black Beast

La Bete NoirOr “La Bete Noire”.

Either language they both mean the same thing. And it’s a wonderfully super rich, super chocolatey flourless cake with a layer of ganache on top. I can’t even begin to describe how rich and yummy this cake is. It’s a chocolate lover’s dream dessert! It’s heaven for chocoholics. It’s chocolate overload, and that’s a great thing! (Is there such a thing?)
I made this for my church Life Group meeting this past Tuesday. In fact a couple of women thought I bought it. One of them didn’t believe I made it until she saw the pan. My other friend asked if Sara Lee and I made it. I’m going to take it as a compliment. Now I’m not going to say who these two women are but their names rhyme with Fam and Fecky.

This recipe is from Bon Appetite’s September issue. The cake was on the cover and I’ve been wanting to make it for awhile now. I’m glad I finally made. It’s an easy recipe and a dessert that everyone will love. You will need a springform pan though.

Grapes and Wine

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Today Rob and I went to 2 wineries in the Okanagan Valley. The Okanagan is Canada’s “Napa Valley”, and they make very good wines. They also make ice wine which is made from frozen grapes.

The first one we went to was Quails’ Gate and we had a very nice lunch on the terrace with a view of the vineyard and lake. Let me just tell you again, how good the food was! There’s nother better than gourmet food.

Afterwards we walked around the vineyard. It was a lot of fun for both of us. I loved seeing the vineyards full of dark and white grapes. So cool!

We then went to Mission Hill Winery and did the tour and did some tastings. So fun. Tomorrow, we’re hanging out in downtown Vancouver.