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The Gerbeaud

The Gerbeard

Cathy and I went to this great old and famous cafe in Budapest. I’m in the green on the left. It was established in 1858. It was nice to have dessert and a cappucino or hot chocolate while we sat talking and people watching. In fact we enjoyed it so much that we went on 3 different days and I tried 3 different desserts. They were all great! If we had stayed in Budapest longer I would have gone everyday so I could try all the desserts! By the way, the hot chocolate was way better than American hot chocolate. It was thicker and richer and oh so yummy.

Dobos Torte
The Dobos Torte, a Hungarian specialty.

The Best Sandwhich EVER!

I had the best sandwhich ever this afternoon for lunch. It was a Grilled Chicken Panini with pear and mango chutney, cranberries, and Havarti cheese! Yummmm! I can’t wait to get home and make it again. I love gourmet fancy food.

I’m in Arizona visiting my friend Hilary and we were in Bisbee which is an old copper mining town. If you’re ever there, the name of the cafe we ate lunch at was called Big Sky Cafe. I highly recommend it.

Duck and Chicken

Everything tastes like chicken, except for duck apparently. Which is odd because you’d think that of all animals duck would be the one to taste most like chicken.

I had the pan seared duck for dinner last night. It was good, and didn’t taste like chicken. Tasted more like roast beef. I don’t get it but then again, who cares, it was good.

Of Different Cultures

I heard two women speaking Spanish yesterday! Very exciting! One of them had just come back from Chile.

The cultural mix here is very different from Orlando where women speaking spanish is common. Actually, they speak Spanglish most of the time. It’s a form of Spanish, unofficially, I guess. It goes something like this:

…yo fui a los movies con Norma the other night y ella my dijo que…

I haven’t quite figured out the rules for changing languages, but in the U.S. it comes naturally to those who speak both languages. Then there is also Cyberspanglish.

Back to the reason I was so excited to hear Spanish. The cultural make up of the Vancouver area is very different from Florida. There is a huge Chinese population from mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. There is also a huge population from India.

On the other hand I’ve only seen about ten black people and two Hispanics. Those women speaking Spanish were the first Latinos I’ve noticed. I’ve been told there is a Latin American population in downtown Vancouver, mostly from Columbia and El Salvador but we haven’t spent much time downtown yet.

I figured there weren’t many Hispanics in the area after I went to the grocery store. Instead of 2 aisles full of Latino foods (not just Mexican) all I found was a little taco section. So sad. It’s a good thing I brought a few Latino seasonings with me: Adobo, a Puerto Rican seasoning and chimichurri, an Argentinian sauce. Never leave home without them!

I love Pocky!

I’m so excited because I found Pocky here! I haven’t been able to find Pocky anywhere in Orlando. The little act of finding this fun Japanese snack brightened my day. Last October I went to Tokyo to visit my best friend Hilary and that’s when I first had Pocky. I was addicted right away. They are small thin cookie sticks dipped in chocolate. Apparently this is the standard Pocky. I found out that there are a lof of Pocky flavors: strawberry, banana, bitter chocolate, coconut. There’s even Men’s Pocky.