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My 1st Nephew


This is Logan Vicente Saplan. He was born June 9th. I haven’t met him personally, but he’s a cutie. He looks more like his dad than my sister. Anyway, he’s my first nephew. I already have 3 neices.

As for the name. They liked Logan. Vicente is my dad’s name.

To the person who left their cup in our truck

Dear inconsiderate, irresponsible, rude person,

Our truck is not a trash can. After a wonderful day at Hollywood Studios we came back to our truck to find you had left your large empty Wendy’s cup in the bed of our pick up truck. This is the first time such a thing has happened. And to believe it happened in the Happiest Place on Earth is even more shocking!

I will assume you had a bad attitude. You obviously arrived at the parking lot later than we did and on your way to the tram decided to throw it away, in our truck. Did you not know that Disney has trash cans. Maybe you were too lazy to carry it an extra 5 minutes. Had I seen you do such I thing, I would have asked you to take your trash and put it in your own car.

To those of you reading this, don’t worry. We drove the inconsiderate rude person’s cup home and threw it away, instead of trashing it in another person’s car.

I hope you never run into us again,

Pilates vs. Yoga

I went to my first Pilates class this morning in a VERY LONG time. I think I’ll keep going back. It was a good workout for me.

I have to say it was much better than the Yoga class I took a couple of weeks ago. While in the locker room I saw a lady with her yoga mat and asked her about the class. Stuff like, is is relaxing, super hard, etc… Her reply: “Well the army guy teaches the Saturday morning class so it’s more of a workout.”

I was a little scared at that point but decided to go anyway. Yep, not relaxing at all. It was a workout and the day after I was feeling muscles ache in the weirdest places!

Sticking to Pilates for now. Maybe Yoga later, or at least another teacher.

my new baby nephew

This morning I became an aunt again for the 4th time! This time I got a nephew! I have 3 nieces from Rob’s sister who are always adorable.

This morning my younger sister gave birth to Logan Vicente Saplan. He weighed in at 7lbs 14oz and 21inches. As for the name: Logan – they both liked it, Vicente – my dad’s name, Saplan – well her last name.

No pictures yet, but I’ll put one or two up when I get them. YAY!!!

My Ideal Job

I think my ideal job would be a TV host for a travel show.

I love to travel and experience new cultures. I love being in front of the camera. And I love to travel.

After working behind a desk for 8 years I’ve realized I don’t like being at a desk all day long. I don’t even like being in front of a computer all the time. One reason haven’t blogged in awhile. I have a high need to be outdoors doing stuff, anything. Inside – blah. Outside – anytime, except in 95 degree weather with super humid conditions. But I can even take that for awhile.

Gotta think about how to get my ideal job.