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Day at Animal Kingdom

At Animal Kingdom
Rob and I took his parent’s to Disney’s Animal Kingdom today and it was a good day. They had never been to this park before. The safari ride was the best I’ve been on so far. Doesn’t compare to a safari in Africa. But we saw tons of animals.

It was a hot day! But that’s a statement of “duh” since it’s mid August in Orlando. I finally saw the Nemo show which was really good. We did “A Bugs Life” show which makes me laugh every time.

Didn’t get to go on Expedition Everest this time but it was okay since I had a bad headache. Because of my headache I didn’t go to the Lion King Show with every one else. And the parade was tons of fun.

I didn’t like this park the first time I went but since Rob’s been working there I’ve learned more about it and he’s been able to show me more stuff. Then again, the first time we went the park had only been opened just over one year. It’s changed a lot. I actually really like this park now.

Now I’m catching up with the Olympics that we missed during the day. We love the Olympics so much that we record the morning and evening coverage and catch up when we can!

We’re ahead in the medal count by 5 as of now! Here’s where I’m keeping up with the medal count.

Vacation in Anchorage

Rob and I have been here since midnight Tuesday. So I guess we’ve had just about 2 full days here. We’re visiting college friends from Va Tech who are stationed up here. And as a Floridian for 8 years – I’M REALLY COLD!!! And today was only 50 degrees. Yesterday was a little warmer and the sun was out so it was better. It’s been cloudy all day.

  • It snowed yesterday morning for a little while.
  • The sun comes up around 5:30am and goes down around 11pm.

Today we walked around downtown for a few hours. It was fun. Pictures below.

Rob took this photo. The view from our friends house.
View from House

Me eating a reindeer dog, but not Santa’s reindeer. It was good, especially with caramelized onions.
Eating Reindeer Dogs

The only moose we’ve seen so far.

Walking around downtown with my friend Hilary, her daugther and son.
With Friends

Last night/this morning

went to bed at 10:30, feeling nauseous. don’t know why. but I feel asleep anyway. going to the gym helped i think.

woke up this morning at 6:30 am. yes, 6:30 AM!

read until 7:30. fell asleep again until 12 noon. guess i’m not feeling well.

8 am

Went to bed at 3am again this morning. Woke up no problem at 8am. So tired. Had my cup of coffee – half decaf, half regular. Ready to wear myself out today.

Keep you updated. Hopefully not at 3 am.

Morning ritual

This morning I’m sitting on my couch with my decaf coffee, Puerto Rican coffee this time. I think Puerto Rican coffee is the best, but then again being Puerto Rican I’m biased!

If you didn’t know already I’m unemployed at the moment, which is good and bad. It’s good in that I have time to rest and heal from my chronic health issues. It’s bad because no money is coming in. But I won’t be unemployed for too long. Just until early May.

So I had to figure out how to structure my days. I wake up at 8 am just about everyday. And hey…that’s a big deal for me. Then I have breakfast and on to things I need to do during the day. After I finish writing here I’m going to plan the meals for the rest of the week. I usually go to Epicurious for recipes. They have a “quick & easy” section and that my friend, is where I live on the site.

After that I’ll go check out 170spoon, Craving Grace a few other blogs, then off to the gym.

Oh, What a Day…

Well, oh what a yesterday actually! But before I get into that check out todays puppy: Spanky the Pug. Isn’t he the cutest? I know a lot of people think pugs are ugly and they are. But they’re ugly in a cute way, so I think Spanky is a cuty.

So, about yesterday. I had a great Tuesday despite 2 root canals. Wednesday started will until I GOT PULLED OVER FOR SPEEDING!!! Okay, and here’s the thing, I very rarely speed because I know tickets are expensive are so are points on insurance which then makes insurance expensive and we just don’t have that kind of money. Ugh, I couldn’t believe it. The cops had set up a speed trap. I was driving and talking to my friend in the car with me and I TOTALLY wasn’t even paying attention to how fast I was going. UGH!!!

Well, the cop was nice to me because the last ticket I got was over 12 years ago in VA, and he super reduced the fine. And now, to keeps 3 points from getting on my insurance, I have the privilege of taking a driving class. I’m going to do it online.

Friday I’ll be going downtown to pay the fines. Then I’ll go to a store that sells my favorite granola ever since Whole Foods in Winter Park decided not to carry it anymore. And then who knows what I’ll do.

Thursday night’s are my TV night! Usually all my faves are on but Ugly Betty and Grey’s Anatomy have been on a break. But the Office was new. I laugh so hard at that show. And October Road was good. They gotta keep moving the story line because I think I’m starting to get bored.

That’s it for now. Good night.


early morning
can’t wake up
until my husband helps
call dentist at 7am
open at 7:40
call dentist at 7:40
doctor in Casselberry
dentist in Waterfold Lakes
driving like a crazy women to make it in time
referred to root canal specialist tomorrow morning
thanks God for the quick appointment
short break
not long enough
doctor in Waterford Lakes again
work deadlines
posting dealines
not long enough
clean kitchen
make dinner
watch TV

time for bed
good night!


Today I woke up feeling creative! FINALLY!!!

I’ve felt creatively dead for awhile now, which is hard for a creative person. I was starting to really I wasn’t creative at all. How awful. Anyway, I started working on my sister’s bridal shower invitations. I don’t want them to be the typical so I’ve come up with a few creative ideas to make them fun and cool. I just have to make sure they’ll work.

I also have a few other things in mind I can work on. Nothing too big though. Just little things for now so I’ll be sure to finish them. How fun!!!