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aNother “can’t sleep” posT


Yep, it’s 1:40 am EST and like the title said, I can’t sleep. But I did take a long nap during the day. I was in the middle of working on stuff when I started to get really drowsy and realized I needed a nap. Usually I do the 2 hour nap thing because if I get less of a nap it doesn’t help me out. But my hubby woke me up 3 1/2 hours into my nap.

Now even though I can’t fall asleep I’m still tired and sleepy but I guess not sleepy enough. What’s up with that?

Well, I’ve been pretty much under the weather – going on week 3 now. First it was the flu, then a sinus infection. Now it’s back to the chronic fatigue crap. My body’s whacked out again but after seeing my good doctor on Monday I’m on a plan to recovery. And I’m going to follow it b/c I want to FEEL BETTER!!! And have more good energy. So, no more sweets or lots of sugary things, lots of veggies, low carbs, and no dairy or wheat for awhile.

I’ll be honest by saying that since September I’ve been pigging out and eating awful. After all, Septmeber was our Mediterranean cruise and I HAD to eat the good food on the cruise and in all the countries we visited. On a cruise there are no diets allowed. Then came the holidays with more sweets and more good food. After that I had gotten into a habit of eating bad. And of course there’s the “must have chocolate chip cookies” when I’m stressed that doesn’t help one bit. And I’ve been stressed for awhile. But I think a lot of that stress is going away now.

What do I do when I can’t sleep? It depends. I blog. Sometimes I’ll do work. Other times I’ll watch movies. I think I’ll watch a movie after this. I recorded “Can’t Buy Me Love” the other day! Anyone remember that movie? I loved it when it came out. This is the movie with Patrick Dempsey when he was young. He was a cutie back then too.

Well, I have a busy day..later on today. Figures I can’t sleep the night before a busy day when I really need my brain to be working at full capacity. Oh, and I can’t drink coffee so that’s not going to help. Well, here’s to hoping and praying I fall asleep soon!

Goodbye and goodnight (even though it’s really morning). Ciao.

wired up

Rob-sleep-testTake a good look at my poor hubby. He looks like he’s being transformed by the Borg. And if you don’t know what the Borg are – shame on you.

Actually, he had a sleep test done the other night for Sleep Apnea. He had to be at the facility by 8pm and then get hooked up to all the wires and lights out by 10pm. Then they woke him up at 5 am. They woke me up at 5 am. I stayed at the facility with him in a guest room, and I don’t like being woken up that early.

He has a follow up appointment to talk to the doctor but the technician said he probably has mild to moderate sleep apnea. So he didn’t stop breathing, but he never went into dream cycle either. Interesting.

Stupid Teeth

a regular dental check up
another check up
2 root canals
1 filling
1 month passes
1 temporary crown
many, many dollars involved
6 dental visits total
1 permanent crown next month

then it will be all over…for this year


In just under 2 weeks I will have been to the dentist 4 times! Yes, I said FOUR!!!

Last week was my regular dental check up. Monday was another check up and referral to an Endodontist.

Today I had 2 root canals done. Yes, I said TWO!!! I was in Endodontist office for 3 hours. It wasn’t that bad and I’m excited that I am no longer in pain!

Let’s all say YAY for no pain!

Next Monday I’m back to my dentist to put in a permanent filling in the root canals.

Why the rush? I’m going out of the country next Tuesday and there was no way in this life that I was going to leave with tooth pain.

So Much for Creativity

Well, I did feel super creative on Friday but by the afternoon I was really tired. So, I put all the projects in my mind away and took a nap. And I slept.

6788.jpgAnd I slept just about all day Saturday.

And I slept just about all day today.

The only thing I can say is that I guess I was exhausted and needed to rest. I always think it’s so weird when I sleep so much like this. But I guess my body needed it.

I still have my creative ideas though. When I’ll get around to them, I’ll let you know.


Haven’t blogged in awhile. Not much to say, or at least not anything super interesting to say. So I’ll tell you the boring stuff.

My energy level on Wednesday was high so I took advantage of it and cleaned/picked up the house! Yay for me! Super yay for me! I’m so proud of me because I haven’t done this in awhile. In fact, our house on the inside looked like a hurricane had come through. Somehow in the process of doing laundry over the last 2 weeks we never quit got the clothes back to where they belonged. So the lived on the sofas in our living room for awhile.

The kitchen was a mess, as well as our bedroom, but that’s mostly my fault.

So I cleaned up every room and guess what? I even IRONED!!! Rob was shocked when he came home and saw me ironing. Why? I haven’t done it in….oh….years! I hate to iron. Who really loves it? Besides my brother in law.

I must say it’s nice having a picked up house.

Today, not so energetic but I’m forcing myself to go to the gym anyway. It’ll make me feel better. I’m back on a gym schedule which is a good thing for me. Hey, and I’ve even started cooking again. I think these are all good signs that I’m finally getting more energy.

Last night was a good TV night:

  • One hour of The Office with deleted scenes. Still made me laugh really hard.
  • Ugly Betty – now she has 2 cute guys who like her?
  • Grey’s Anatomy – not the best episode but I watched it anyway. I’m starting to not like Izzy so much now.
  • October Road – the pilot episode. I thought it was really good. There aren’t many really good pilot episode for new shows. Another drama. Makes me think – do I really need more drama in my life? NO!
  • I know, I watch a lot of TV. It’s my way of relaxing at night and forgetting about the days stress.

My Pain in the Neck

174246893_9d7b22f8d7_t.jpgLiterally, I have a pain in the neck. Since Wednesday I’ve had neck pain so I went to the chiropractor for an adjustment and then I got a massage. My neck felt better. By Friday my neck pain was awful again, so back to the chiropractor. After another adjustment it was better. But then Saturday morning I woke up and it hurts to move my head because when I do it affects my next and shoulders.

Someone at church noticed there was something wrong with my neck right away. Very perceptice. When I got home from church I tried taking some really strong meds to see if the pain would go away. Nope. Just made me tired, so I took a nap from 6pm – 11 pm. And that’s why I’m up now.

It’s really painful, and I can usually deal with pain well. But I don’t know how much more I can take of this! It hurst to move. It hurts when I move in my sleep, so I don’t sleep well.

Tomorrow I’m going to try the chiropractor again and then our family doctor, and see what they both say. Something has to happen because I’m leaving for VA on Tuesday for a month. My family lives up there so I guess if I have to see a doctor up there, I will.

Since I’m up and can’t go to sleep, I think I’ll watch Desparate Housewives that I missed while napping.