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Best Season

I love the Fall. It’s my favorite season. The weather cools off, the leaves turn colors, we can open the windows in the house. The mornings have a chill in the air which is perfect for a hot cup of coffee It’s perfect.

If only it was this way in Orlando! I still love the Fall, the weather has cooled off to a high of 80 degrees, but the leaves don’t change color, yet. We have opened the windows in the morning and evening but it’s still too hot to keep them open during the day. I did wake up this morning and wanted a hot cup of coffee, despite the lack of a chill in the air. It would have to be a cup of decaf coffee.

Fall in Virginia where I grew up is so different from Fall in Orlando. But I still love the Fall. I love it so much I got married in October and I was born in October. I know I didn’t have anything to do with my birth but it proves that the Fall is the best season of all.

Wedding Etiquette 101

I was at a wedding this weekend and it was beautiful. The bride was of course beautiful. But a little etiquette was lacking.

1) When the bride walks in with her father (or other escort) wait to see what the mother of the bride does. Don’t stand until she stands. Do what she does. I learned this the hard way at a formal wedding in South Carolina. I had no idea this was the rule until my mother-in-law pointed it out. The brides mom stayed seated and so we all quickly sat down. She wanted to be able to see her daughter walk down the aisle.

2) My own personal pet peeve: wearing jeans to weddings! I’ve been to several wedding in the last few years where guest’s came in jeans to classy weddings. Okay, so I’m in Florida and people are a little more laid back, but still, IT’S A WEDDING!!! I was raised believing it’s better to be dressed up than dressed down. In fact, my sister’s wedding website had on there that no one with jeans would be accepted into the wedding.

Can you all think of anything else? Or do you have any wedding pet peeves?

Super Bowl from this females view point

I’m sitting here watching the Super Bowl at our friends house. And I’m actually watching it. I’ve thought hard about who I want to win the game – the New York Giants. The score right now is 3-7 Patriots.

I’ve actually talked over this with my husband. He’s pulling for the Patriots. We’ve been talking about it a for a week.

So here are my reasons for wanting the Giants to win:
– I like Eli Manning just because he’s a Manning
– it would be cool if Eli won because then both Manning’s will have won a Super Bowl
– I don’t care for the Giants b/c I don’t really care for Tom Brady. He’s just not as good looking as everyone thinks he is, the main reason I don’t like him. I know he’s a good QB.
– I usually pull for the underdogs
– it would be cool the Giants broke the Patriots perfect record
– no opinion on the uniforms, they’re both pretty blah.


I just passed my drivers final exam for the speeding ticket back in May. At the end of the test they were nice enough to offer me a discount for when I get another speeding ticket! Or let me know if you’d like the discount.


Print out this page and either give it to a friend or keep it for the future and be entitled to a $3 discount on the next attendance of

Delayed in Charlotte

After waking up this morning at 4:30 am from a 2 hour nap we head to Denver and are now delayed in Charlotte. So we’ll be getting home later than we expected but that’s okay. At least I hope the flight’s delayed. I’m not getting the “it’s going to be canceled” feeling.

So in the last month I’ve been doing a lot flying in the U.S. And just about every flight has had a problem. Let’s see:
~ Orlando to PR: cancelled and then bused to Tampa to get to PR in time (were
bumped up to first class!
~ PR to Orlando: nothing but we got bumped again to first class!
~ Orlando to DC : nothing
~ DC to Orlando : we flew in circles around Orlando for 45 min waiting for the
storms to clear. Of course it didn’t bother me b/c I was asleep the whole time.
~ Orlando to Denver: Nothing
~ Denver to Orlando: Stuck in Charlotte

Oh the fun of flying! It is nice being bumped up to better seats.