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after church conversation

Me to Rob: let’s go do something different today!
Rob: like what?
Me: I don’t know but I need to get out of the house. can’t keep watching TV all day long.
Me: I kinda want to go to the mall – we can get coffee and people watch.
Me: Oh, we can go to the new Ikea! We haven’t been there yet and they have a place to eat.
Rob: I need to eat first.
Me: I dunno, I don’t really want to go to the mall. I hate shopping.
Me: I’m getting tired. What about a movie?
Me: Oh forget it, let’s just stay home, I’m tired.

Rob: Let’s keep watching 24.
Me: Okay.


wide-leg-pants.jpgMy pair of nice black pants are cursed. Serious. I keep falling when I wear them. Not stinkin’ kidding.

Their a beautiful pair of pants. I had to get them because I didn’t have pants to wear to work. Their wide leg which doesn’t and never did bother me. Until now.

Today, as I was walking up the stairs (lugging my heavy computer and all) my shoe caught the wide leg bottom of the other leg. And on my knees I went.

The same thing happened in December while at an event. Instead that time I fell up marble stairs. The toe of my heels got caught up in the pant leg.

Now that I think of it, I was wearing the same outfit. My the outfit is cursed. I haven’t had problems with the pants and other tops, or with the top and other pants.

Nah…I think it’s the pants. I paid full price for them, which is something I VERY RARELY do.

Random Ramblings

  • I decided I will change the look of my blog. Coming soon!!!
  • My most favorite TV show, The Amazing Race, is coming back on this Sunday!
  • Rob and I had fun giving candy out to kids tonight.
  • My sleeping habits have been wonky. I can’t fall asleep until 2-3 am and then I can’t wake up!
  • Today I woke up at 9 am!
  • Eating cookies and candy or anything sweet really messes up my sleep cycle
  • I like my friends
  • That’s about it for now. More sometime later.


I find it strangely odd when I see people walking by themselves yet seem to be talking to someone. Then I realize they’re on the phone using their blue tooth thingy.

I still think it look funny to see men in suites talking to themselves waving their arms around.

Hhhmmm…I just might be able finally get away with talking to myself in public.


I finally went to the gym yesterday after a 2 month hiatus, not on purpose of course. It felt good to work out again. It was a short work out as I have to be careful not to overdo it.

Finally I used my iPod Nano for real for the first time at the gym since I got it for my birthday. I love it!!! So much cooler than carrying a CD player around, which I did the last time I went to the gym. Not only did I feel a decade behind, but I also dropped the CD player and it broke. No, I didn’t break it on purpose.

Finally I woke up earlier than noon today. My alarm went off at 8 am and I didn’t hear a thing. Luckily Rob came home from his appointment and woke me up at 9 am so I could go to work.

Finally I went to Life Group tonight! YAY!!! It was game night which really ended up being hang out night which is just as fun. It’s been a month since I’ve seen everyone. I had a great time despite not feeling well. But I’m an extrovert and people give me energy. I just get exhausted when I get home.

I think that’s all my “finally’s”.

Thank God!


  • my friend Jill who lent me her car at a moment’s notice even though she has 2 little ones
  • the fact the Jill wasn’t planning on going out yesterday so I could borrow her car all afternoon
  • fun times at Life Group
  • massages
  • counseling appointments (sometimes)
  • chocolate
  • the new fall TV season finally starting
  • being able to work from home in grungy clothing