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Marocchino – Pisa

MarocchinoAnother wonderful Italian coffee. Yum! This was my favorite hot coffee drink. I finally found this coffee drink in Pisa. I had been asking for this drink at every coffee bar I went past but none made it.

The Marocchino is a blend of coffee and milk with a layer of foam, a touch of cocoa, not chocolate, on top and sometimes at the bottom. So you may think it’s like a Mocha from Starbucks but it so IS NOT!

It tasted nothing like a mocha from Starbucks. It still had the coffee and cocoa flavor to it which to me, what just perfect! Not too sweet. It’s hard to explain. But I loved this coffee drink. It was very rich.

Caffe’ Shakerato – Italy

Caffe-ShakeratoThanks to Ms. Adventures in Italy and her blog post on How to Order an Italian Coffee in Italy I was ready to try out new kinds of Italian coffee during our Mediterranean Cruise this past September. We spent half of the cruise in Italy, so I studied her list of different kinds of coffee drinks. I even printed out the post and took it with me to make sure I would remember what to order and what it should look like. If you plan on going to Italy I’d check out her coffee post which is comprehensive and very informative.

My first try on her list of many coffee’s was the Caffe’ Shakerato. Before reading her blog I had read about it in a food magazine I get. So I was excited to read more about.

Our first stop was Florence so I got to work looking for a bar that would serve the Caffe’ Shakerato. To quote Ms. Italy:

…the Caffe’ Shakerato is more of a national treasure and can be found throughout Italy in bars everywhere. It’s made by shaking espresso with sugar (or sugar syrup) and ice – some add milk here as well, and it ends up with a wonderful creamy froth. It’s my favorite summer drink – and I especially like a caffe’ shakerato with Bailey’s.

ShakeratoI ordered my Caffe’ Shakerato with Bailey’s and it was WONDERFUL! It was a warm day in Florence so I slowly savored my drink. I would have ordered another one but we were on a budget and with the dollar not doing well I decided that having one was better than none. I think this was my favorite cold coffee drink in Italy.

I’d like to point out that it did not taste like any Starbuck’s drinks at all.

no alaska

I woke up this morning sick with flu symptoms. I think I’ll be okay now but I’m still worn down. We waited until last minute to see if I was going to feel any better until we canceled our trip. And I didn’t, we’re still in Orlando. We canceled the trip. I’m really bummed because we’ve both been looking forward to this trip for awhile. And my friends in Anchorage were excited too.

I’m really really really bummed. Thank goodness we used miles. I’m going call tomorrow to reschedule. Did I say I’m really bummed?

going to alaska

So I’m a little bummed the weather’s going to be above freezing the first few days we’re up there. But the last half of our trip it’s supposed to get colder, at least below freezing! I mean, I can get freezing weather when I visit my family in the DC area. I want to experience -6 F. Okay, so not really, but I am really looking forward to the cold weather. And I’m hoping it’ll be below freezing when we’re skiing so the snow’s not icy but powdery!

Alaskas in February

So we’re going Anchorage, Alaska….next month! Are we crazy for going during the coldest time of the year! Of course!!! but we’re both excited about it. We’ve never been to Alaska and my friend and her husband are stationed up there. They’re leaving this summer but this February was the only time we could definitely go. So we’re using our frequent flier miles and doing it.

As for the weather, right now I think it’s about 3 degrees F. No biggies. HA!!! What am I thinking. The coldest it’s gotten here in Florida this winter (kinda winter) was 44 F for two days. And it was a great two days. Other than that it’s been nice and in the high 70’s.

I know we’re going to freeze our butts off, and probably our hands, noses, feet and every other part of our body, but we’re looking forward to tons of snow. Probably doing some snow mobiling, ice skating, having coffee and hanging out with our friends inside a warm house.

It’s been awhile since I’ve been in winter weather. We’re nuts!

Our Mediterranean Cruise

nullAs you can tell I haven’t written much about our family cruise. This photo is from the first formal night. I bought a Venetian mask to match Rob’s suit and wore most of the night! It was fun wearing it.

My hubby Rob has done a great job of recapping all the cities we went to and putting photos online as well. So I’m going to send you to his blog. I’ll keep putting up short stories with photos when I can.
You can go to his recap page.
Or you can go to each individual page for each city:

* Florence, Italy
* Venice, Italy
* Athens, Greece
* Ephesus, Turkey
* Istanbul, Turkey
* Mykonos, Greece
* Naples, Italy
* Rome, Italy
* Pisa, Italy
* Marseille, France
* Barcelona, Spain
* Aboard The Princess Emerald

I will say that one of my favorite nights on the cruise is when we skipped the dining room dinner and had pizza and wine under the stars, while watching a movie. The ship had a movie screen outside!!! It was so fun, and the temperature was cool. But they had wool blankets for us to use. I was bundled up in at least 5 blankets! We watched Blades of Glory.

Vacation Soon

Rob and I are leaving for vacation soon! I’m really looking forward to it. It’s a family vacation with my mom and her husband. My sisters and husband will be there as well as my aunt. We’re going on a 12 night Meditteranean cruise on Princess Cruise Lines! Woo Hoo!

So excited! The ship departs Venice and arrives in Barcelona. The only other cruise I’ve been on was when I was 14 and my grandmother treated her family. It was a Caribbean cruise out of Puerto Rico.

This time I’ve been getting my stuff together ahead of time instead of packing the night before until 3 am. I’ve been to a lot of the place we’re going but not with Rob. We’re both excited and I’m excited to go back to these places with him.

Delayed in Charlotte

After waking up this morning at 4:30 am from a 2 hour nap we head to Denver and are now delayed in Charlotte. So we’ll be getting home later than we expected but that’s okay. At least I hope the flight’s delayed. I’m not getting the “it’s going to be canceled” feeling.

So in the last month I’ve been doing a lot flying in the U.S. And just about every flight has had a problem. Let’s see:
~ Orlando to PR: cancelled and then bused to Tampa to get to PR in time (were
bumped up to first class!
~ PR to Orlando: nothing but we got bumped again to first class!
~ Orlando to DC : nothing
~ DC to Orlando : we flew in circles around Orlando for 45 min waiting for the
storms to clear. Of course it didn’t bother me b/c I was asleep the whole time.
~ Orlando to Denver: Nothing
~ Denver to Orlando: Stuck in Charlotte

Oh the fun of flying! It is nice being bumped up to better seats.