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Thailand sizes are very small. I was warned about this before I left – “you probably won’t fit into any of their clothes,” my sister said, “their sizes go from small to tiny”.

So as I was in the market shopping I learned:

  • most clothing is one size fits all – so said the vendors (NO, one size does not fit all!)
  • my t-shirt size in Thailand is a Large or XL. Here I wear a Small.
  • my shoe size here is an 8 which is average – in Thailand it’s a 7 which is big
  • most things were very small or tiny, but I did find a few things that fit me.

Chiang Mai…

Was great! Karin, Rob and I spent 3 days in Chiang Mai. It was our little vacation time and after being in huge city Bangkok it was nice to be in a smaller less crowded and more laid back city.

What did we do in Chiang Mai?
~ Did a whole day elephant tour and bamboo raft tour and I bought elephant dung paper!
~ Took half a day to visit different factories and stores; saw how silk is made starting with the silk worm (yuk) to making the fabric.
~ Saw how steel rings are made.
~ Went to the Sa Paper factory.
~ Played in the pool
~ Had super inexpensive massages (about $12 for a 1 hour massage)
~ Ate great Thai food, especially Phad Thai!
~ Shopped at the night market which was just outside our hotel
~ Rode Tuk-Tuk’s because they are fun!

Observations about Chiang Mai and Thailand:

  • April is the hottest month of the year in Thailand
  • the hottest day in Chiang Mai was while we were there and it was 112 degrees! Yes, you read that right – 112!
  • food and lodging is super inexpensive compared to Bangkok
  • I saw a lot of westerners
  • massages are very inexpensive
  • the Night Market vendors were more aggressive and charged more than in Bangkok
  • it’s a beautiful city
  • Thai’s are super friendly and are always smiling
  • everything is very colorful
  • I ate Mango and Sticky Rice every night which is probably why I gained weight (mango’s are in season April and May and is the only time when Mango and sticky rice is made

Weekend in Bangkok

Tuk Tuk and me
(Me sitting in the tuk-tuk)
It’s almost 9:30 pm Sunday here in Bangkok. I’m trying to remember what we did yesterday. Oh, okay I remember.

Kathy from the office and I went to Chatuchak Weekend Market. We were on the hunt for ministry items for Rob’s office. It was hot. April is the hottest month of the year here. It was over 100 degrees plus humidity yesterday. The market was crazy busy. We went the weekend before and it wasn’t so crowded because it was a New Years Weekend. This time, 5 times busier. Got some great deals but we were sweaty and it was nice to get back to the hotel! I can’t remember what I did after that. Rob and I chilled in our hotel room.

Rob and I decided to go to the Grand Palace today. So we took a taxi to the Chao Phraya River and took the river express boat, about a 20 minute ride, to the stop near the Grand Palace. When we got there we were told that it didn’t open until 2pm. It was 12 noon! Why didn’t anyone tell us?

Everyday the Grand Palace is open from 8:30 am – 3:30 pm. Except on Sundays. Sundays they open at 2pm so the Thai people can enter and worship to Buddha. Well, with it being 100+ degrees again we decided we didn’t want to stay out doors for 2 hours.

So instead we hired a Tuk-tuk to take us to 3 free places: the standing Buddha which was very tall and covered in Italian gold, some store, and the Lucky Buddha which ironically was 2 Buddhas. The tuk-tuk was fun execpt for the smoggy part of the city. Finally we went home in an air-conditioned taxi. Back by 3pm.

Now, as is our tradition, we still have to pack for our trip to Chiang Mai, late at night. We leave tomorrow morning and I doubt we’ll have internet access.

So good bye for now.

Day Off in Thailand

Just so you know, it’s 11 pm here even though it shows I’m posting at a different time. It’s Friday night. Rob and I wore our Hokie orange even though no one here knew what it meant.

Today I slept in and it was really nice after working so hard on the conference. And then I decided I needed some down time. So did Rob. He slept most of the day. I, on the other hand, took to the town.

I rode the shuttle bus to the Siam area of Bangkok where most of the shopping is. I had a few places I needed to stop but I took my time walking around and soaking in the Thai city culture. I found it very relaxing to be adventuring on my own. And if my mom is reading this, don’t worry, I was always aware of my surrounding!

I walked a good bit, took some interesting photos which have not been put online yet. Made a few purchases, enjoyed a Starbucks Mocha Frapuccino while I continued walking in the heat and humidity. I finally made it to my final destination which took me awhile to find. I had to ask for directions a few times and the Thai’s were always friendly.

The Thai people are all friendly. I love the culture.

I left around 2pm and was back at the hotel by 7 pm. Rob and I had a nice dinner of Pad Thai (SO GOOD) and for dessert, what else but Mango and Sticky Rice!

I’m addicted to the mango and sticky rice. No more chocolate for me. All I need is the mango and sticky rice!

And now I’m off to bed. Good night to me. To you, have a great day!

Mango & Sticky Rice

Mangos & Sticky Rice
Originally uploaded by Patricia102696.

This is the best dessert in the world!!! And I am a chocolate lover, but this beats chocolate any day!

It’s a Thai dessert. The mangos are so sweet and the rice is sticky, hence the sticky rice name, and they put a sweet coconut sauce on top of the rice.

I’ve had this for dessert just about every night we’ve been here. And sometimes 2 servings! I’m going to learn how to make this. SO GOOD!!!

Happy Songkran

Songkran wetSongkran Parade
Happy Thai New Year! The New Year was actually Friday, the 13th and is being celebrated through April 15th. Most stores are closed and people are partying in the streets. Songkran has become a big water festival. This means that Thai’s everywhere are spraying, splashing passers by with water. They have super huge water guns, water bottles, buckets of water, you name it and they have it full of water to throw of people. Kay and I got wet. I started fighting back with my water bottle though so I joined in.

Songkran Parade LeaderAnd because it’s so hot and humid outside it was nice to get wet. One of the other traditions is putting powder or flour paste on people faces. I didn’t do that.

The photo on the right is of a Songkran parade going down the street we were on. I was close enough to get a photo without getting wet this time.

She was leading the parade.

Read what Rob wrote about it.