ANTM Cycle 11

I can’t believe I’m still watching the 2nd hour of this show. I had to record it which is why I’m watching it now.

I’d have to say ANTM has finally jumped the shark. What was up with the cheesy first hour: robots, ridiculously cheesy effects. Really, was all that necessary?

And yet I’m still watching. I’ve been a fan of the show for awhile but I think I’m done with ANTM. I think I’m actually tired of reality shows except for my favorite, “The Amazing Race”.

These reality shows are all about the drama and I have enough drama in my life so why would I want to watch more shows with made up drama? I just want to watch fiction. Even if there’s drama in fiction at least I know it’s not real.

BTW, I watched the season premier of Bones tonight and loved it!

Saving $ Big Time

The grocery store close to our neighborhood was bought out by another and for the last month they’ve had stuff on sale. We’ve been going periodically to by stuff we need cheap. They kept lowering the prices and 3 days ago everything was about 75% off! We bought tons of stuff and saved over $100!! What a deal. And it’s all stuff we’ll use.

Today was the last day and everything was 90%! By the time we got there at 10:30am the place was already packed with people who had loaded up their carts overflowing! Despite the place being pretty empty we managed to find items we use. The original total: about $85. What we paid: about $15!!!

It’s funny to see what was left in the store – basically the things that people don’t like. For example, there was tons of white wine left!

What’s my age?

I’m doing a little experiment here. Below is a recent photo of me. And I’d like to know what you think my age is from this photo. If you know my real age, please don’t reveal it. I’m trying to figure out how old I look. So, please be honest. Thanks.

Day at Animal Kingdom

At Animal Kingdom
Rob and I took his parent’s to Disney’s Animal Kingdom today and it was a good day. They had never been to this park before. The safari ride was the best I’ve been on so far. Doesn’t compare to a safari in Africa. But we saw tons of animals.

It was a hot day! But that’s a statement of “duh” since it’s mid August in Orlando. I finally saw the Nemo show which was really good. We did “A Bugs Life” show which makes me laugh every time.

Didn’t get to go on Expedition Everest this time but it was okay since I had a bad headache. Because of my headache I didn’t go to the Lion King Show with every one else. And the parade was tons of fun.

I didn’t like this park the first time I went but since Rob’s been working there I’ve learned more about it and he’s been able to show me more stuff. Then again, the first time we went the park had only been opened just over one year. It’s changed a lot. I actually really like this park now.

Now I’m catching up with the Olympics that we missed during the day. We love the Olympics so much that we record the morning and evening coverage and catch up when we can!

We’re ahead in the medal count by 5 as of now! Here’s where I’m keeping up with the medal count.

Olympic Fever!!!

I absolutely LOVE the Olympics, summer and winter. But I favor the summer Olympics because I was a swimmer and played volleyball in high school. My sister was was big into gymnastics so I like to watch that. I did more summer sport than winter.

Okay, so the Opening Ceremonies last night were WAY AWESOME!!! I loved it. I’ve watched the opening and closing ceremonies for every Olympic since I can remember. And I must say that these Opening Ceremonies have been the best by far! Did you see it. How awesome were the drummers, and Tai Chi guys, and the man who lit the torch doing the Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon running in air!

And of course the all the costumes were beautiful. I may not agree with China’s politics but the Olympics isn’t about politics anyway. I love to learn about their culture, which is why I love the opening and closing ceremonies. They showcase tons of history and culture of the host country. And

The other thing I love is watching the parade of nations – when athletes from all the countries walk in. Again, a little more culture with their outfits when they come in. LOVE IT!

Check out my husband’s blog where he has some cool links to more great photos and other cool links.

Big Brother 10 Thoughts

I think I’ve said I watch Big Brother every summer. This season hasn’t been very interesting until this week! Thank goodness it wasn’t a unanimous vote to get someone out of the house this week. Seriously, how boring is that?

I’m looking forward to watching this next week. Finally, people are thinking for themselves. Plus there’s gonna be more conflict. This is when it gets interesting.

Other thoughts:

  • Didn’t care who got voted out
  • I want Dan to stay b/c he’s entertaining.
  • Memphis – cool but too quit
  • Jerry – liked him at first but not anymore
  • Renny – Love her! she’s fun to watch
  • Ollie – no respect for him
  • As for Julie Chen’s outfit this week – HORRIBLE!!! Who does her wardrobe? She’s a very pretty lady but some of her outfits just aren’t right. This week it just wasn’t right.

PR next week!

nullI’ll be going to Puerto Rico next week for a big family event! And of course we decided to go because why would we not go to Puerto Rico?! We’ll be gone for a week and I can’t wait. The sun, the beach, the family party! Tons of fun. I think I’m going to take Rob to do more sightseeing. The last few years when we’ve gone down there we usually stay in the San Juan area. I want him to see more of the island.

So we’re going to the beautiful and historic city of Ponce and staying with a cousin for a couple of days. Hopefully we’ll get to the beach condo in Arecibo. And I’m wondering if we’ll have time to see the Arecibo Observatory [wikipedia link]. He’s never been there and I haven’t been there in years.

After all, we do want to relax as well. Oh and I forgot to mention the wonderful Puerto Rican food and seafood! Yum! Can’t wait.