My accent and the neighborhood bear

Today was a beautiful day in the Vancouver area. The air was crisp and cool and the sun was shining. Unfortunately my day didn’t start until 11am. I slept in because I wasn’t feeling well. But after getting up I decided I needed to take advantage of the great weather.

In the afternoon I walked to the small plaza in the neighborhood to run some errands. Rob had the car. It was a 10 min brisk walk. I dropped off a pair of pants at the dry cleaners. The lady there was super nice and we started talking. She told me about the bus stop across the street as well as the bus times. I was happy to get that information because the website for the transit system is not easy.

Then I went to the grocery store next door to buy stamps. There is a small post office desk in the grocery store. I asked the lady behind the counter if I would be able to ship boxed salmon to the US. She didn’t understand me and I had to ask 2 more times before she finally got it. She told me it was my accent. I guess I said salmon weird, but she’s the first person to tell me I had an accent! Apperently there are a lot of restrictions for shipping packages to the US from Canada. She gave me a flyer with a couple of websites on where I could check what the US would allow me to mail. I’ll check it out later. Or I’ll mail stuff in Washington. It’ll be cheaper and faster.

After that I went to the coffee shop across the street and worked on my Beth Moore bible study, Believing God. I’m looking forward to the 9 week study. I’ve done 2 of her other studies and they were great. So about 2 hours after I set out, I started back home. I took a longer way home in order to explore and enjoy the beautiful mountain views.

As I walked up the driveway I stopped to talk to Claudia. Her and Dave are our landlords. She asked me if I had seen any police cars as I was out walking around. I hadn’t seen any. I asked her why? Apparently there was a black bear walking around the neighborhood this afternoon!

I love Pocky!

I’m so excited because I found Pocky here! I haven’t been able to find Pocky anywhere in Orlando. The little act of finding this fun Japanese snack brightened my day. Last October I went to Tokyo to visit my best friend Hilary and that’s when I first had Pocky. I was addicted right away. They are small thin cookie sticks dipped in chocolate. Apparently this is the standard Pocky. I found out that there are a lof of Pocky flavors: strawberry, banana, bitter chocolate, coconut. There’s even Men’s Pocky.

Loonies and Toonies?

This morning, while I was getting coffee at The Wired Monk coffee shop, the guy working there taught me some Canadian slang. It was exciting! Okay, so I learned that the Canadian one dollar coin is called a “loonie”. The two dollar coin is called a “toonie”. Wanna know why? Glad you asked, I’ll tell you. The “loonie” has the loon bird on one side. Hence the nickname loonie. Then then two dollar coin came out and of course it needed a nickname. So it got the name toonie to rhyme with loonie. I like having one and two dollar coins.

From Orlando to Canada

Okay, so Rob and I are living in Surrey, British Columbia for 3 1/2 months. Surrey is a suburb of Vancouver. It’s really pretty here and the view of the mountains are awesome. It’s very different from Orlando, where we normally live. We’ve been here 5 days so far. Being here is interesting, because so many things are similar to the US, and then there are of course different things.

I thought I would freeze going from 90 degree weather to 60 degree weather overnight. Oops, I meant 15 degrees celcius! Whatever the number, I’m actually enjoying the cool weather. And forget miles per hour, we have to pay attention to kilometers! Those are the tiny little numbers on the speedometer that we never pay attention, until now. At the deli counter everything is priced by grams. But then the veggies are priced by the pound. Hhhmmm…not sure why the difference. Oh, and gas is by the liter, and it’s expensive! Having previously lived in a country that uses the metric system, I should know all this stuff already. But that was a long time ago and it’s slowly coming back to me. And the hand converter program on my Palm is also helping me.

About Pitatayo

…Patrish, Tish, Pancake Smush (on the side of the road), Pat (but not after the SNL skit). These are all nicknames I’ve used at some point in my life. Some of them make sense, but what about Pitatayo?

When I was little I wasn’t able to say my full name properly. It came out as “Pitatayo” instead of Patricia Santiago. At least that’s what my parents tell me. So that’s the story about the title to my blog.